When someone dies in the United States,

we know about it in 24-48 hours. 

Real-Time Inherited

Property Data for

Real Estate

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We Compile the Data

Through our proprietary AI-driven technology we are able to provide unparalleled real-time deceased data. 

You Access the Data

After licensing approval, access as many records as you like using using location, County or MSA. 

You Contact the Data

Each Record contains relatives and contact information, phone numbers, emails and mailing address.  


Real-Time Inherited Data for Real Estate Investors and Realtors since 2019

What is Inherited Data?

InheritedData is a Data source for Real Estate where the owner passed away in the last 24-48 hours. Not to be confused with Probate, InheritedData is not available in the public records or any other online source.​

How can this help my business?

As a subscriber, your lead time is accelerated by 6 to 12 months over competitive segments. With over 150,000 inherited properties available in the U.S. each month, InheritedData provides a vast supply of real-time inherited real estate data to transform your business.

What will I receive?

Each record consists of property information, information on the deceased and names for five heirs or relatives (to include phone numbers, email addresses and a mailing address).

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Each month InheritedData provides our subscriber database of Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Probate Attorneys with access to over 150,000 unpublished property records. Combine that with 35 contact points for each record, InheritedData becomes an exponential game changer for your business.



PPC and lead sources are overpriced and oversaturated. As a subscriber of real-time InheritedData, the monthly records you receive will decrease your cost per conversion. InheritedData is not available in the public records or through any online source. There is currently nothing of its caliber on the market and available to Real Estate Professionals. 


Real-time InheritedData is data that is done for you - meaning, all skip tracing has already been completed, providing you with information on the deceased, with five, first-degree relatives and heirs of the estate and a partial Title Search on each property.


Due to market exclusivity, be the first to secure an InheritedData license for your desired area. Get ahead of your competition by contacting the estate heirs six to twelve months before others have access to this information. The lead-time advantage places you in an optimal position to close the deal. 



InheritedData Records are Social Security Verified. Confirming accurate Real Estate Owned and Relatives of the Estate.

All other lists have a common flaw, they are unable to provide enough information to identify exactly the correct target, making 70% of these lists worthless.

InheritedData solves this problem by you saving time and money. 

Real Estate is a very competitive business. What gives you a Competitive Advantage? Timing. Timing is everything, contacting the seller before anyone else puts you in a Competitive Advantage to close more deals. 

Competitive Advantage

under contract

With InheritedData you can have all Probate Deals under contract BEFORE the case is filed publicly in court. Once it's filed, all of your competition will have this information. 

Lists, platforms, public data are all oversaturated. They all provide Direct Competition with other Real Estate Professionals. With InheritedData there is NO Direct Competition because we only offer limited licenses in each MSA. 

NO direct competition

Get new real-time InheritedData every week. Stay months ahead of your competition and dominate your market. 

get new data

InheritedData is already researched, making it a Complete Data Record ready for prospecting.

Through our proprietary technologies, InheritedData has a 94% contact accuracy rate. Allowing you to plug InheritedData into your current acquisition system and experience new levels of growth from day one.



InheritedData offers Custom Packages for your specific business needs. Enabling you to target the right amount of records in your specified market. 



Real Data. Real-Time. InheritedData.​

Trends are primary drivers of business – which is especially true for real estate. If you are entrenched in the industry, you’ve seen a variety of trends and tactics including tax liens, foreclosures, probate, bankruptcy, social media, and more. 


InheritedData presents a more direct and linear path to success. With baby boomers becoming the largest segment to bequeath property to their family members and heirs, this presents a tremendous opportunity to Real Estate Professionals.


With no true competitive segment, InheritedData represents a distressed property niche that connects you to heirs who have little or no tie to the properties and a preference to liquidate quickly. 


Licensing Opportunities. 

Contact us to learn more about licensing, pricing and how to use InheritedData to transform your business.


Note: Limited Licenses for each MSA. Licenses go quickly. Please check for availablity.


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InheritedData is organized by property. Each Property Record Includes up to Five Relatives with all Contact Information. Contact Information Includes up to Three Phone Lines, Three Email Addresses and One Mailing Address. Records have up to Thirty-Five Contact Points for Each Property.


Recently Deceased
Each Property Record has the following information about the deceased:
  • Full Name

  • Date of Death

  • Last Known Address


First Degree Heirs or Relatives
Each Heir or Relative Record includes:
  • Up to 5 First Degree Heirs or Relatives

  • Full Name: First, Middle, Last

  • Up to 3 Phone numbers: Cell Phones and/or Landlines.​

  • Up to 3 Email Addresses

  • One Mailing Address


Each Property Record Includes:
  • Full Property Address and County

  • Owners/Co-Owners

  • Market Value and Assessed Value

  • Open Mortgages: Origination Date, Purchase Amount, Name of Lender

  • Square Footage and Lot Size​



We can provide optional tools to organizing the data and how to use them. CRM: Two-Way Calling, Power Dialer, Two-Way SMS texting and Email messaging. Assist in marketing with FaceBook Audience and Google Groups. Post-Cards. Also, recommend state-of-the-art marketing like addressable geo-advertising. 

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Coming Soon

InheritedData and InheritedDataPRO are a game changer for your Real Estate Business. All-in-one Platform. CRM to interact with your Data, notes, call/email logs, follow ups, reminders/tasks. Knowledgebase, the Systems and the Processes to make the most of your Data. Download Center to download your Data for your specific cold outreach platforms. Also, Support, Ticketing and IT to reach us quickly and directly to be able to make changes, help or have questions answered. 
  • CRM 

  • Knowledgebase

  • Download Center

  • Support/Ticketing/IT

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Tel: 888-761-8445 Call or Text


Peter, Broker/Investor

I have been investing for 30 years. This is the best Data source I've used. We have built a business around InheritedData easily doing over 10 deals per month.

Josh, Investor

I started out with 150 Property Records per month. After a several closings,  I doubled my subscription. I never have done this many deals before. 

Casey, Realtor

Before InheritedData, I was struggling to get listings. Now, I have new listings every month. InheritedData taught me their system and it works!

Blake, Investor

We have upgraded numerous times and now get over 5000 records a month. Our team makes 3000 calls a day. We find 15 people a day that say yes and 25% of those close in less than 30 days. InheritedData is GOLD.